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Next Steps ...
  • Finish Porting - Versions 2.2(.1) were the first major steps in porting from qt3.x to qt4.x. The difference between both libraries is hugh. Thus not all minor features (f.i. expiring entries) from the previous release are ported yet. Most users will not notice this at all. Nevertheless, it is one of the next steps to ensure that complete functionality is maintained.
  • Clean up work - Make sure that bug fixes from 2.1.1 (separate codeline) are included.
  • Improve picture support - It is already possible to use pictures within notes. This first implementation needs to be extended to make an easier handling possible.
  • Binary Packages - Not everyone is a developer. It is planed to provide binary packages for various systems within short. If you are able to build a binary/rpm/... for a system that is not available yet, do not hesitate to write me.
  • Publish on SourceForge - Besides maintaining this webpage, experience has shown that contributions from other developers can be integrated a lot easier by using SourceForge.
  • Next major features - There are a lot of ideas (improved i/o, support of links, different visualisations, ...) - depending on time and your feedback they will be realized one after another.

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If you can think of something you would like to see in a future version, or if you want to comment on TuxCards, or give advice for improvement, I will be glad to read your mail. Please write to tuxcards(at)gmx.net.