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Changelog for V2.2.1
  • Fix crash (observed with Qt4.6.2 on Fedora 12 box) in a special case during encryption.
  • The font that is set for the editor (via options dialog) is now also used as default font for entries in RTF format.
  • Activate command line options.
  • Make keyboard shortcuts for adding and deleting entries available.
  • Improve user interaction: If a new entry is created, the tree does automatically select this new entry. In addition the editor receives the keyboard input focus.
  • Change default font and size for tree and editor.
  • Change default textformat for new entries from ASCII to RTF.
  • Do not ask for saving, if no changes where done. (This misbehaviour did occure if TuxCards was started for the very first time or without configuration file.)
  • Code cleanup: Use member objects instead of member pointers.
  • Fix crash when scrolling within the tree and loading a new data file immediately afterwards.
  • Fix potential error: Use file system independent method to retrieve the base file name from the absolute file name.
  • Code cleanup: Use enum instead of boolean variable.
  • Setup environment to add translations. Translation for German created.
  • Correct spelling in configuration dialog.
  • Fix application crash when moving an entry up and down. (Did occur when one entry did exist only.)
  • Remove bug when encrypting text (loss of additional text data during a very special scenario).
  • Remove compiler warnings (g++ 4.3.2 compiler).
  • Remove compiler warnings (g++ 4.0.1 compiler).
  • Add icon for MacOS system.